I-70 Truck Driver’s Sentence Reduced from 110 to 10 Years

I-70 Truck Driver's Sentence Reduced from 110 to 10 Years

4:52 PM PT — Kim simply thanked Governor Polis, writing, “Thanks @GovofCO for taking motion to cut back Mr. Aguilera-Mederos sentence! Whereas his new sentence is ten years, he’ll now have a chance to return house in 5 years and be along with his son and spouse.”

She continues, “This case was a transparent instance of why necessary minimums do not work and should be abolished. I am grateful to Governor Polis for his empathy and management on this case.”

The truck driver who prompted the crash that killed 4 and whose sentence of 110 years behind bars motivated greater than 5 million folks, together with Kim Kardashian, to get behind his trigger has been granted clemency by Colorado’s Governor … and his sentence has been diminished to 10 years.

Rogel Aguilera-Mederos was driving an 18-wheeler in 2019 when the truck’s brakes failed, inflicting the horrific pileup crash. His 110 yr sentence was necessary, however prompted public outcry from those that felt it was harsh and unfair given the entire thing was an accident.

In his clemency letter Thursday, Colorado Governor Jared Polis stated, “The crimes you have been convicted of are critical. 4 people misplaced their lives and others have been critically injured due to your dangerous choices.”

He continued, “Although your actions have prompted immense ache, I’m inspired by your private reflection and the industrial car security adjustments that have been made within the wake of this tragedy to make sure this sort of occasion by no means occurs once more.”

As we reported, Kim Kardashian was made conscious of the case after Rogel’s sentencing, and urged the Gov. to get entangled to cut back his sentence.

Rogel might be eligible for parole in 2026.

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